About FYI


Read the # honey, this is OUR campaign.

We live, breathe and only operate by this.

Find Your Intern is a platform that advertises PAID-ONLY internships. We have created something unlike the rest: a platform that is current, immersive and one that only advertises PAID INTERNSHIPS. If you think you can come here with your "expenses only" you are so very WRONG!

FYI only accepts positions that are NMW and above. This is a platform where our community comes for prime guidance, to feel safe and to feel WORTHY.

With new additions to the site such as the FYI Shop and CV Clinic, we are more than a paid internships board.

We go full circle!

FYI Mission + Values

To continue to build our badass COMMUNITY of interns and brands who believe in our campaign, #NOPAYNOWAY.

PEOPLE are at the forefront of our brand and they are the eternal magic. Power in numbers!


We are here to HELP and GUIDE creatives on their professional journey. Nurturing, developing and teaching is what we do best.

Everybody has that diamond within them and we exist to help them find it.


We want to DISRUPT the current climate of UNPAID INTERNSHIPS.

We are the driving force of promoting PAID INTERNSHIPS and in turn we hope to persuade more employers to join us.


Find Your Intern is founded by Jasmine, a Fashion Promotion grad, whose frustrations began over the lack of a powerful and engaging platform for finding paid internships. She just knew there had to be a better way.

Jasmine decided something needed to be done. So FYI turned into her final year project and it subsequently won the New Fashion Media Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2015. Proving even more, that this project had to be brought to life.

Even since, Jasmine has been developing the community and business. FYI launched in Jan 2019.