Industry Services

Are you an employer, University or brand? I want to work with you! A service you don't see? Tell me.

Intern Management

From £20

Looking for the perfect intern?

From application proofing

through to application filtering.

Let me help you.

I am an expert at this!

Panel Guest


Got a banging event coming up

and need my expert advice?

I would love to join! Just let me

know what, when and where and

let's see if we can make it happen.

CV Workshop

From £150

Are you a tutor or a University
professional? Let me come and

help your students with their CV's.

We will go through everything from

design, layout and content.

Adobe Tutoring

From £150

Do you have students that

may benefit from my Adobe

expertise? I love to visit Uni's
and courses. 
Let's arrange a
design class, 
FYI style.

What can we help you with?

Thanks honey! Message sent.