10 Reminders for an Anxious Creative

We ALL have times of anxiousness in the creative process and sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Especially over Summer for you guys, it's a time for transition and with that comes uncertainty. So here are some things we want you to remember:

  1. Doing nothing sometimes is totally okay!

  2. Not every project you do has to be perfect, groundbreaking or innovative.

  3. Other peoples feedback or does not determine your success.

  4. Your ability is not determined by grades, opinions or followers.

  5. Being busy or burnt-out does not equal success.

  6. Don’t be afraid of failing, with failing comes learning*

  7. New ideas and opportunities will come but you have to believe first.

  8. If something isn’t working. Take a break; go for a walk and sleep on it.

  9. Creatively no one is you and that is your superpower!

  10. Anxiety does NOT last forever.

* This is my FAVE podcast at the moment and it will really help you to understand that failing is totally okay and how it actually benefits us as creatives. Listen here: How To Fail With Elizabeth Day.

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