3 BELIEFS to harness the POWER of your MIND by Chloe Slade

“This is all you are; this is all you can be”.

The words that stuck with me since that day when I first sat down with a career advisor. When I told her what I wanted to do, how I thought I could help people she smirked, shook her head and followed it up with a gesture to a list of job roles, and said those shameful words, "this is all you are; this is all you can be".

At the time this threw me into turmoil (everything seems more intense in the moment, I am sure you can relate). I went from knowing each next step to not knowing what I wanted to have for breakfast. My belief system had, but it did not break.

A lot has happened since then and now, but the main takeaway I want you to take is this:

I chose not to believe her.

I decided to believe that I had a purpose and even if that was not happening in the way I thought it would better would come of it. So in this post, I want to share with you 3 of my top beliefs that have allowed me to have a partner of my dreams in both life and business and to create the lifestyle blend that I thought would not be possible until I retired.

1. Focus on the WHY you WANT to do something

But you need to detach yourself from the ‘how’ and focus on the why. It's essential that you understand why it is that you want to do what it is that you want to do.

I wanted to heal.

I wanted to teach.

I wanted to inspire.

I wanted to write.

And on the surface, I thought to heal I must be a doctor.

To teach, I must be a teacher.

To inspire I must be a celebrity or a presenter.

So I thought, to write, I must be an author.

But here is the thing, I get to do all of the ‘why’ bits within our businesses now, but my path wasn’t to be a doctor, a teacher, a celebrity, or an author,  (I still want to do the last one-just in a different way, but that is for another post entirely). Although they are all fantastic jobs, it was not the path for me.

I run a manifestation and mindset membership and online platform that helps women create their lifestyle blend. Our other business is an accountancy company for creatives. Within that, I am Head of Community. Through these two roles, I get to serve others in the way I wanted to, but it is never how I thought it would happen.

My point is, let go of the HOW. Sometimes things do not go ‘to plan’ but my saying is: this or better!

2. Enjoy the PROCESS, it's special.

Of course, set goals and think about strategy and take action (taking action is a big thing I always talk about, for something to show up in your physical reality, you must first take physical action). But do not rush it and be flexible on how it all happens (as I say, let go of the how).

Enjoy each step.

Be present in the moment.

Learn. Grow. Develop.

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3. Always TRUST your intuition (your gut) when it comes to making decisions.

I once had two offers for two separate job roles. One was a significant pay rise, close to home, easy to do, on paper it was perfect. The other was a pay cut, further away from home but here is the thing; it was fulfilling and offered more of a lifestyle blend.

Everyone I knew thought I was crazy for taking the latter role, but that role led me to find more about myself than I could have ever imagined, it opened up my eyes and not in the way I ever thought it would be.

I know if I took the former role, it would not have felt aligned.

One last thing...

I hope some of these points resonate with you. I want to leave you with this last thought to ponder:

Whatever you believe to be true is what will be. You can have what you want, as long as you are prepared to let go of how it ’should be’.

About The Author

Chloe is a Manifestation and Mindset Coach.

You may know Chloe from Vibe and Flow, which is an online membership and resource which covers manifestation, mindset and money, or Cone Accounting, which is an accountancy firm for creatives.

But, through both businesses, Chloe helps people make mindset shifts to create a positive impact within their lives. Chloe is obsessed with tea, travel and is a total homebody who loves nothing more than a high vibe night in with her partner in both business and life, Ben and Chihuahua, Hugo.

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