4 HACKS to freshen up your CV this Summer

Summer often means new opportunities may be on the horizon, so updating your CV is a must. So here are some funky hacks that will help you freshen up your CV in no-time:

1. Get Ya Mates Involved!

Writing your bio or profile can sometimes be tricky! Although it's just a short section on your CV, it needs to round you up as a creative clearly. It should tell the employer who you are, your skills and strengths. Don’t you think it would be great to understand how other people would describe you?! So how about getting your uni bestie to write your bio? It could just be a few sentences or some descriptive words that rounded you up as a creative. Getting a new perspective on who you are, could be super helpful.

PRO TIP: To make it fun and simple you could do a shout-out on Instagram. Put a story up with the question box feature, and ask your friends something like; “If you were to describe me in some words, what they be?”.

For more help on how to write your CV, check out this guide here.

2. CV Design; Prove Who You Are

We all know your CV needs to reflect you as an individual. If you are thinking about a revamp and you aren’t really sure where to start; just read through your bio or profile and take a look at how you describe yourself. You might say you are creative, a forward thinking individual or digitally-native in the bio of your CV, so PROVE it. What ever you say you are in your 'bio' your CV should reflect that.

3. Word Swap

Language is one of the most important ways to create an engaging CV. Employers want to see exciting, vibrant and emotive language. Start by looking at your descriptive words and try swapping them with more exciting and elevating words.

Try swapping out words like 'creative' with 'innovative' or 'motivated' with 'stimulated'. Basically, don’t be *BASIC* with your language. As soon as someone reads cliché language, they can become switched off. Let's have a look at some word swaps:

Creative > Imaginative, Zeitgeist

Passionate > Purposeful, Earnest, Impassioned

Team player > Collaborative

Eager > Ambitious

Hard working > Industrious

Like > Affection

New ideas > zeitgeist approach

Use Power Thesaurus for some word inspiration.

4. Let’s Get Techy

Having hyperlinks on your CV is a super nifty thing to do. It shows that you are tech-savvy and also practical because it leads the reader to something directly. For example, you can hyperlink;

  • Contact Details; such as your website and email address.

  • Social Handles; instead of just having @jasminexxx, directly link them to your Insta. Just make sure you use the web address.

  • Live Projects; this is a great extra section to have on your CV with added hyperlinks. This could be a blog, website or project you are currently working on.

  • Specific Projects on your Work Experience; link specific projects that you have worked on. This could link to a project on your website, an Instagram post or even a piece that is on the company’s website. For example:



APRIL 2015 – JUNE 2015

Created trend lead editorial layouts for front and back of book of this bi-annual fashion magazine. This role gave great experience in editorial design and an in-depth understanding of commercial magazine company culture. See an example of design here.

For help with hyperlinking on InDesign, check out this tutorial here.

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