6 simple WAYS to GROW your self-confidence

We ALL have those little unconfident moments, even for the most ‘confident’. But I truly believe confidence is something that you grow and confidence comes with repeated practice. As someone who lacked confidence in certain areas, I can safely say I have managed to push myself through to the other side. I am not saying i am 100% confident in these areas, but I have made serious improvement.

So, check out my tried and tested tips for those times that you are having a little confidence wobble:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Is there is something specific that you want to build confidence in, such as public speaking, presentations or nervous about interviews? Try easing yourself into these situations gradually. As the old saying goes; practice makes perfect! For example; I was scared about public speaking, but it’s something I knew I had to do to grow FYI, so I made myself go to events alone (not with friends) and accept every invitation to public speak (no matter how scared I was). If you go with company to an event, you tend to hide behind them and not get your networking groove on! It’s all about throwing yourself into situations that seem scary, being strong and just getting on with it. 

TOP TIP: Try setting yourself actionable and manageable tasks. For example; you don’t have to stay for the whole duration of the event. Set yourself the task of just talking to one stranger at the event or maybe it’s to give X amount of cards out and explain who you are and what you do. Then next time, add more. Just keep building.

2. Your Own Company, Is The Best Kinda Company

Getting comfortable with your own company and not be embarrassed, is seriously confidence enhancing. You would be surprised about how many people don’t like doing this, but it’s a integral part of adulating and a great life skill to behold.

Try and do these things by yourself and make sure you leave your phone in your bag!:

  • Eating out So Carrie Bradshaw! If you can get comfortable with doing this you are onto a winner.

  • Go see a film at the Cinema “Yeah I’m by myself, and what!” is a great attitude! Plus I love this as you don’t have to share snacks.

  • Head to an exercise class Sometimes scary but letting go in front of strangers and not worrying about your ability or skill will help confidence levels.

3. It’s All An The Illusion

Presenting yourself with ‘confidence’ (even when you are s**ting yourself) can really help to get you to that place mentally. Say for example; you have a scary interview. If you walk into that room as if you are SUPER confident (but not OTT), your body language is strong, you are prepared and confident about your ability then that will come across and naturally.

TOP TIP: Scared about an interview? Remember they picked YOU for a reason. Go back through your work or application and remind yourself of your incredible ability.

4. Exercise For The Mental Strength

Exercising to keep yourself energised is key for confident levels. We all know the benefits of keeping fit. Not only will it make you feel a bit more body-confident it will also release those feel-good endorphins to make you feel happy. When you feel happy, you naturally feel a bit confident and ready to smash life. Also I touched on it above, but I know a gym class might feel a bit scary to some, but honestly throwing yourself into those situations will boost that confidence. Not super fit and worried about what people will think about you? Trust me, no one cares about what you are doing in a class!

TOP TIP: It’s great to do some exercise before something which you feel a bit scared by, such as an interview or presentation. Release those happy hormones and you will feel mentally stronger to battle the scary.

5. Remind Yourself How Great Your Are

Feeling a bit rubbish about your creative ability? WELL DON’T. My fave ever quote: 'no-one is you and that is your super power'. You will ALWAYS bring something new to the table. But it's great to reinstate this; so go back though your achievements...

TOP TIP: Have look back through a project that you bossed, your portfolio that got you a job or internship, a successful uni tutorial report, an email from an employer saying how great you were...We tend to forget the good stuff and focus on the bad, so go and remind yourself about why you are so GREAT.

6. The Reverse To-Do

We all do a to-do list at the start of the day, right? But sometimes once the day is finished and we haven't crossed everything off we feel a bit down. This is not the case and most defiantly NOT productive. When you feel like you have accomplished things, we start to feel confident.

TOP TIP: Once you have finished your day, write down what you have got actually got done. Not matter how, big or small the task, even the tiniest of tasks move us forward. Because remember honey, clearing your emails is a bloody achievement!

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