A PODCAST for every MOOD

Podcasts are one my fave ways to stay in the know. I listen to a podcast to learn or pop one on in the bath to relax. Don’t get me wrong I love to read, but sometimes you know when you just CBA? And honey, there ain't nothing wrong with that. Pop-on-a-podcast anywhere; on the tube, making your brekky, getting ready in the morning or walking to Uni. It’s like work but with minimal effort.

Here are my selected podcasts for any mood:

1. The High Low

Mood: Let's get clued up

From my fave twosome; Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. Wanna get clued up on pop culture and news in a fun way? From trivia to politics; this is for you.

Listen here

2. Letters From a Hopeful Creative 

Mood: Confidence boost

Each week the hosts answer a letter from a hopeful creative who is looking for some guidance, support and encouragement in their journey. A pep talk for you honeys if you are feeling a little down or lost on your creative path.

Listen here

3. One Girl Band 

Mood: Get s**t done

Thinking of starting a business, going it alone or just need a bit of creative guidance? Lola will give you practical advice, insights and that well needed confidence boost.

Listen here

4. The Receipts 

Mood: After a laugh

Expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter! My fave is “Your Receipts” where you get to hear listeners confessions; from relationships to sticky situations. My advice: turn the volume down!

Listen here

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