APPLYING forinternships through FYI

I have purposely made applying for internships via SUPER EASY, but I know it can sometimes be a little overwhelming! This application game is all about standing out amongst the other applications. So how can you do that? Read on honey.


  • Do YOUR RESEARCH and SERIOUSLY get to know the BRAND and ROLE. EMPLOYERS love nothing more than seeing that you have a genuine interest and have invested time into your application!

  • Do TAILOR your application to the role. Your CV and Cover Letter needs SPEAK to the role and this can't happen if you use the same ONE for all! It's like meeting someone new; would you go around asking the same questions?! You ADAPT to that person. * If you need a hand with tailoring, check out our How To Build Your CV Guide and WTF To Put In a Cover Letter *

  • Do ensure your CV + Cover Letter showcases YOU. Showing your personality, your PERSONAL IDENTITY and a PERSONAL BRAND, will really highlight your application.


  • Don't RUSH the application! It will REALLY show. Attention to detail is KEY, so make sure you spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck and get someone to proof.

  • Don't underestimate the POWER of the subject line. You need to GRAB the employers attention instantly, whilst being clear and professional. Something like this: 'Fashion Design Internship Application: Sam Roberts' or I like to add a little bit of personality (dependant on the brand) 'Fashion Design Internship Application: Pick me!'

  • Don't forget to name your files (that you are attaching) CLEARLY and CLEANLY. For example: 'Sam Roberts CV_2019.pdf'

Ps. Need help? We also offers TOOLS and PRODUCTS to help you young creatives when starting a career. Check out the FYI Shop and FYI Review Clinic.