Being aMEMORABLEIntern

It’s a really obvious factor of interning...You may wanna get hired again, maybe for a permanent role, or you may need help from your past colleagues in the future! So you need to be remembered in a good light. You need to make a LASTING impression. So, how can YOU be remembered once you leave? Above all of tips; be yourself. Be authentic.


  • Do KNOW your s**t. Be a fountain of KNOWLEDGE for the area you are working in. So do some research before you start!

  • Be FRIENDLY and KIND; it really goes a LONG way. Ask your colleagues questions; get to know them.

  • Do make cups of tea; it’s a chance to GET TO KNOW your colleagues! Picking up INDUSTRY friends and contacts is KEY whilst interning.


  • Don't forget they picked YOU for a reason. Show them your SKILLS and TALENTS. CONFIDENCE is key.

  • Don't be UNPROFESSIONAL. Always be on-the-ball, on time, organised. You need to IMPRESS your colleagues, not just your BOSS.

  • Don't FORGET names or VERBALLY get them wrong (very embarrassing, I have done this!)

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