Wanna know the NUMBER ONE rule or trick about being a good intern?! To be as PROFESH as possible. I know this is hard if you have little experience, but I can show you the way! It all comes with a little workplace practice, but these tips will help you on your way.

The main ones I have learnt: always think for 3 seconds before saying something (I have a potty mouth sometimes) some people get the weirdness, some NOT at all. Ask questions. There have been times I have nodded, got back to my desk and been like WTF and I was stumped. So I have LEARNT and now I am teaching YOU. So stick with me honey!


  • Do ASK questions! If you don’t understand something or need more info, it’s TOTALLY okay. An employer will appreciate it much more. It beats getting back to your desk and being like "WTF, what do I do now?!".

  • Do PREPARE for meetings; take a notebook, research the topic so you can interject.

  • Do meet DEADLINES. If any issues, such as a clash with uni dealines, just talk to your manager ASAP. They will appreciate TRANSPARENCY way more than being left in the dark.


  • Don't be LATE. Ever. If you are email or call ASAP. If you get in a little early, grab a coffee or just chill...At least you are there.

  • Don't get out your PHONE unless on a break. Scrolling and WhatsApp'ing in office hours is not a good look.

  • Don't SWEAR, talk about your DRUNK weekend antics, NATTER too much and keep VOLUME down!

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