INTERN CONFESSIONS: Fashion Assistant at Cosmo

Name: Anonymous

Current Status: Director of Communications at Pacific Road Studios

Intern status: Fashion Assistant at Cosmopolitan UK

Top Confession

One evening I was asked to attend a very high profile event at a Flagship store on Oxford Street where I would be asked to represent the business and try to get a photo with the main celeb for online. However, there was also a free bar consisting of champagne, gin and cocktails ALL evening. Did I mention it was all free? After ten champagnes, a few too many gin cocktails and a long conversation with a man who resembled Harry Styles at the bar – I realised the celeb had come and gone, taken all his photos and I’d completely missed out. Whoops! Luckily nobody asked me any questions the next day and I sat at my desk with the hangover of the century!

The Good

For me, the best things about my internship were firstly meeting new people and creating

relationships. I always say to people never forget the importance of maintaining relationships

in this industry – it’s tough and sometimes we need all the help we can get! It’s also great to

remember to help the people who’ve helped you or made some sort of influence on you

when you can.

For instance, I met a guy at a press event three years ago who told me he was in a band etc. I followed their music ever since now I am in a position in my job to reach out and ask them to contribute to a major production we are working on. It’s about giving back as much as taking from the experience too. I also loved the hands on experience I got at Cosmo – we were able to attend photoshoots and press days and really get a feel for the day to day life of a Fashion Assistant.

Experience is vital in this industry and this gave me such a better understanding of how everything comes together.

The Not-So-Good

To be honest, I didn’t find anything particularly hard at all in my internship – I loved every

second. But I think a lot of it comes down to attitude. If I had to say one thing, it would be

working with other interns who aren’t as motivated as you are maybe? But to be honest,

upon reflection you realise they’re only letting themselves down. An internship at

Cosmopolitan is something a lot of Fashion students would DIE FOR! So you should take

advantage of every second.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Interning Self?

DO NOT GIVE UP! I am now 30 and just finished my degree, but I was getting to the point

where I started to feel drained and like I was always going to have a fight on my hands to get anywhere. Then a fantastic opportunity came along and I grabbed it by the balls! Hard work really does pay off. Try not to get disheartened & just carry on until your moment happens!

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