Does your CV pass the 6 SECOND test?

Let's go back to the CV basics honey. Research shows employers spend on average just SIX seconds reading a CV before deciding to read on or to add it to the NO pile. Something as simple as a spelling mistake within that six seconds could seriously cost you. So how does your CV look at first glance and how can you grab their attention ASAP?


  • DO understand that first impressions SERIOUSLY count; so make sure your CV is clear and concise. Start with your name and contact details and then make sure your content sections are laid out in the correct way and order. If you need help with the layout and content of your CV, we have written all about it in this FYI guide.

  • DO make sure you MATCH your skills, qualities and experiences with the same ones in the role description. If you can do this, the employer will mentally make the link between you being the right fit for the role. We all know you need to TAOILR your CV to the role and this is a great way to do it. Grab a highlighter to match up and keep referring back to the job description when writing your CV.

  • DO always make your CV LOOK the part. Content of your CV is king, but for creative roles you need to have that THANG that shows them a bit of your personality. You need to make your CV stand out in a potential pile of 100’s! Aside from the overall design of your CV, it needs to look uncluttered and professional. Don’t be afraid of a bit of white space and remove things like hyphens. Need help with the design of your CV? We got some badass CV Templates in the FYI SHOP. Check them out here.


  • DON'T give yourself the space to waffle! At interning or first job level, you shouldn’t really need more than one page. My rule is that your CV should only be ONE PAGE. Do this by making sure you only have RELEVANT information on your CV. You have to constantly bare in mind; what will INTEREST and EXCITE this particular employer? It’s great that you’ve done the Duke of Edinburgh, but is Hannah from the buying department at Topshop gonna be excited by this info?! Does it offer anything to the role you are applying for?

  • DON'T forget to PROOF. PROOF. PROOF. Send to your uni pals, family and tutor. They will spot things that you might not! Ask them to do the 6 seconds test…do they get the main highlights of your CV in 6 seconds and therefor want to continue reading?! Give it a go!

  • DON'T just send your CV half heartedly. It's so clear to the employer within those 6 seconds. Make sure you are actually applying to a suitable role for yourself and that you actually want it! It's SO CLEAR when we can see you have applied on a whim or sent the same CV to multiple roles. The employer will want to see you REALLY want the role.

Ps. Need help? We also offers TOOLS and PRODUCTS to help you young creatives when starting a career. Check out the FYI Shop and FYI Review Clinic.