Whether it's a first job or internship, getting as PREPPED as possible is the key to bringing your a-game. Check it out honey.


  • DO some SERIOUS RESEARCH. Not just on the brand but also the company STRUCTURE and CULTURE. Understanding who people are, what they do are and the overall office vibe is great intel for you. Start by sending LinkedIn invitations to people who were at your interview and get familiar with the companies WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA channels.

  • DO get CLUED UP on the industry and sector you are going in to. Get UP TO DATE with current trends, pop-culture and exciting things that are happening in the industry. Stay in-the-know by listening to podcasts, reading books and mags on the way to work and sign up to some relevant newsletters. BOF and The Cut are fab.

  • DO practice some SELF-CARE before you start! Your brain needs to feel NOURISHED and RESTED. Get some early nights in the bank, eat your veggies, drink lots of water and start releasing some happy endorphins! If you have a gap before you start your internship, chill out and get rested. Feeling BURNT OUT before you start is not a good feeling.


  • DON'T get yourself too PANICKED. They picked you for a reason and they don’t expect you to be the PERFECT employee. They understand internships are about learning and growing. So as long as they can see that you are developing, willing to work hard and absorbing, that’s all that matters.

  • DON'T forget ORGANISATION is key. Before your first day; plan your outfit, pack your bag and plan your journey to work. Have you got a notebook? Pens? Water bottle? Wallet? Something to read on the journey? Sometimes companies will need some ID for registration purposes, so bring some along just in case.

  • DON'T UNDERESTIMATE this could be the start of your professional career. So always bring your a-game. It may not be a huge brand like you imagined, but it’s a STEPPING STONE. You don’t know who you might meet or where it will take you.

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