How to BAG the INTERNSHIP you REALLY want

So there is an internship you REALLY want. Apart from having a great application (CV, cover letter, portfolio etc.) how do you up your game to really impress?! Read on honey.

1. Show ‘em some PASSION

An employer will LOVE nothing more than seeing and reading about your genuine PASSION for the role. Really do your research, tell them how you fit into the company and why you are the perfect match.

*PRO TIP*: Continue to bare in mind what information will INTEREST the employer and try not to talk about yourself too much. You need to capture their attention instantly. Think about meeting someone new; if they talk about themselves straight away you are disengaged.

2. Keep on their RADAR 

Let’s say you really want the role of Features Intern at ELLE Magazine. Don’t just follow the magazine. Follow the editor, your potential manager, the current interns and INTERACT genuinely with them. Staying prominent (but not too OTT) is really key. This goes for LinkedIn too.

3. Up your PROFESSIONAL game 

We bang on constantly about the importance of showing an employer you are PROFESSIONAL. This starts with your PERSONAL BRAND, which includes a professional ONLINE PRESENCE. If an employer likes your application or wants to know more, it's likely they will look at your online presence.

Start with the PERSONAL BRAND basics;

Make sure your LinkedIn is up-to-date and with a sense of branding (header, logo, profile pic). Review your social profiles and make sure they are professional and clean; check your privacy settings, ensure there are no inappropriate images or posts and you have a professional profile pic.

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