In a pile full of CV's, how can your internship or job application stand out? I have seen so many applications, but there really are a few simple rules!


  • Do make sure you are TALKING to the brand or employer; PERSONALISING and TAILORING your application will win you big points!

  • Do a PERSONAL BRAND update! Aside from the obvious, make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, you have an email signature, your logo is on your insta profile pic…

  • Do make sure your ASSETS are looking TIP TOP. You need to grab their ATTENTION and provide all the relevant information.


  • Don’t RUSH your application or assets. Employers LOVE to see that you have taken your time and done some RESEARCH.

  • Forget ATTENTION TO DETAIL is key. Ensure to spellcheck, get someone to proof, change your file names.

  • Don’t be afraid to show YOUR PERSONALITY; express who you are but keep it PROFESSIONAL.

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