INTERN CONFESSIONS: Fashion Celebrity Stylist Assistant

Name: Anonymous

Current Status: Celebrity Stylist Assistant

Intern status: Celebrity Stylist Assistant for Anonymous

Top Confession

When I was working with one stylist, the main client was going through quite a public break up. Even though the stylist had her faults, I lived for the gossip she would tell me daily, or what I’d hear whilst slyly eavesdropping whilst working- I definitely didn’t text my friends everything she said... Working with TV stars is surprisingly a lot different than working with musicians, particularly with the ones that think they’re far more famous than they are. After recently working with a boy band, they’re just as fussy as a group of 13 year old girls, if one has a Dior jacket, they all want one and god forbid they have a black t-shirt under the price of £100!!

The Good

Everything I needed to learn about this industry I learnt from this stylist- also because she threw me in at the deep end and I had to fend for myself. I had to teach myself a lot on how to be an assistant in a quick amount of time and that really helped me with my career now and how I work.

I came into the 3 month placement, only planning on staying 4 weeks and ended up assisting her whilst she worked with one of the biggest names on TV at that time- which was pretty cool I guess. I got to meet some celebs which was great and also got to take home bags of clothes for myself which the client never wore, so I ended up with a far larger wardrobe than I started with!

The Not-So-Good

There were definitely more negatives than positives and some nights I’d get on the train and burst into tears. Without sounding corny sometimes, it felt very Devil Wears Prada, with the stylist moaning that a size 8 client was now “out of shape” when I was standing there already feeling out of place as a size 14.

One day I remember very vividly was when one morning I received a text asking me to come in to drop something at her flat. This wasn’t just a pop in situation, I had to get an hour long train to London then a 15 min tube ride to the office, get what she wanted and then get a 25 min tube to her flat. All of this could have been done by her in less than an hour, I got in picked up one empty suitcase and a piece of paper, trekked to her flat and was greeted by an order to collect some shoes from her car. After heaving the bag up to her flat she told me I could go home. I had made the 2 hour trip to basically carry some shoes for her, that itself nearly made me quit.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Interning Self?

Think of every bad situation as a positive. Even though you’ll be shouted it, it’ll toughen you up. Being thrown in at the deep end will help you more than you could ever know. All the work you’ll put in will be rewarded at the end, you might even get to meet someone you’ve always been a fan of.

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