INTERN CONFESSIONS: Fashion Intern at Tank Magazine

Name: Anonymous

Internship: Fashion Intern at Tank Magazine

Top Confession

On my first week, we noticed the office had a weird smell but everyone just kept burning incense. It turned out that the downstairs archive room had flooded with sewage. I'm not kidding; real sh*t everywhere. I prayed that everyone would be sent home and they would get the professionals in to clean it up. But my manager decided that it was too expensive and EVERYONE was asked to go downstairs and create a human chain to save the magazine archives. Everything was soaked in toilet water and other stuff. A freelancer next to me was complaining that she was not getting paid enough. All I was thinking was that I wasn't getting paid AT ALL. I had a mini cry, then got back to saving the s**tty magazines.

The Good

For me, the best thing about this internship was learning that I already know a lot about styling, creative process and I have what it takes to ask to be paid for fashion assistant jobs. I got to learn a lot about the administrative part of the magazine such as organising team schedules, communication with different PR teams and supporting the magazine team. My biggest takeaway is THAT I'M WORTH MORE THAN I THOUGHT.

The Not-So-Good

I think the biggest struggle was the lack of teamwork. All the interns were so competitive, it took me two weeks to get more responsibility as others were leaving. When a new girl started the week before I finished, I gave her some of my tasks and helped her out like I wished I was.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Interning Self?

GET everything in writing, if someone says in the interview we pay X and X for expenses or anything else they promise you - get that on "paper" or via email and confirmed. Also, trust your gut more and don't be afraid to quit.

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