INTERN CONFESSIONS: Showroom Internship at Village

Name: Anonymous

Internship: Showroom Internship at Village

Top Confession

I was in charge of creating and posting a sample send out to a client in Sydney. Clothes had gotten mixed up on our send out rail and I accidentally posted some wrong clothes that were meant for a VIP client. It took my manager half a day of ringing DHL for us to get the parcel intercepted and returned to our office. I don’t even want to think about how much my mistake cost them in additional courier charges. Always make sure you triple check everything!⁣

The Good

Finally seeing what it’s like to work in fashion and meeting all the amazing people in the field. On my second day, I was in charge of greeting guests for our press day and I was so shocked at how friendly all the big editors and stylists were. With many of them offering me little tips and encouragement for my future career! The whole experience just showed me that working in fashion isn’t scary, most people are genuinely friendly, caring and want to see you do well!

The Not-So-Good

Was the fact I went for an unpaid position (hello me discovering FYI a few weeks too late). Being from Scotland, opportunities are few and far between. As I was applying for internships in London, I was loosing out on so many opportunities by not being able to travel and start immediately. I finally managed to secure my place at Village and I was beyond excited. The promise of travel costs being covered was such a relief for my financial worries. Long story short; I didn’t get my travel costs back. It took weeks of emailing the company founders to get my first months travel reimbursed and I’m still waiting for the second month, almost 2 months after I’ve left.⁣

What Would You Tell Your Younger Interning Self?

Please don’t take an unpaid internship in a city/country you don’t live in with false promises of travel costs! Confirm in writing with your employer before going if these will be paid upfront, don’t bother if not. Don’t ever forget that without us interns, the industry would fail to run at the standard it does. Your skills, university training and passion are worth so much.

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