Make yourself a Secret CV

Why? So you can refer back it and remind yourself of how amazing you are!!! We are all guilty of this: we’ve had a successful day, got s**t done - but the thing that we keep thinking about is the thing that didn’t work out so well. This is unhealthy and I want to help you shift your focus from the negative thoughts onto the positive thoughts about yourself, with this little hack!

Your ‘Secret CV’ will be a list of all of your skills and accomplishments - academic and personal. You will add to it every day or as you go. It could literally be bullet points. You could use Apple Notes, your everyday diary or even Post-Its on your wall. So the next time you feel rubbish - read your Secret CV and remind yourself of how AMAZING you are! 💖

Start to List:

  • Your Skills: technical, creative, skills as a human or friend.

  • Academic Accolades: a project that has worked really well, top marks on something or maybe you won a comp.

  • Employment Wins: amazing feedback from an employer, roles you have landed, great things that have happened whilst working.

  • Friendship + Family: what things have you done that has made other people feel good.

  • Daily/Weekly Successes: what has worked well that day? It’s great to add these as you go.

  • Personal Successes: maybe you’ve saved enough money to go travelling, nailed living away from home or managed a job alongside Uni. Check out this example of a Secret CV you can keep in your notes:

Do you need help with your employment CV? I will take you from start to finish in this FYI Guide.

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