The ULTIMATE GFW 2019 Checklist

It's that time of year again; Graduate Fashion Week! And I want to help you get as prepped as possible. I was there exhibiting in 2015 and have been numerous other times, so I know the drill honey. Apart from the obvious, such as your portfolio and final collection, I thought I would create a cheeky-little-checklist for you.

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DO Your Industry Prep

  1. Be prepared with answers for the sort of questions industry may ask. Whether that is just some simple mingling or if have been shortlisted, they WILL come and chat with you. They may ask you things like; 'So talk to me about the idea behind your collection' or 'what are your next steps?'.

  2. Smooth out your intro for when you meet industry. In business, we have something called an 'elevator pitch' which sells you and your business in 60 seconds. So think about how you can introduce yourself to an industry stranger. Think of a snappy intro mainly about where, what you have studied and your background.

  3. Research the brands that will be there! Scope these out as much as possible, so you can target them on the day. When you target these industry individuals, make sure you take some of your promotional materials such as; a business card and easy access portfolio. This could be an iPad or your website simply loaded onto your iPhone. Just go prepared!

  4. Create a personal plan or diary for the day. For example; plan what shows and stands you want to see, who you want to talk to and what you want to get out of the day. You could even get a floor plan to understand where your uni stand is and the best places to greet people. It can be quite overwhelming and busy, so having a simple plan is key!

DO Clean Up Your Social Media

  1. Is your LinkedIn profile ready and up-to-date? Check this FYI blog post to help you.

  2. Instagram is a key touchpoint for industry, so your profile needs to be looking tip-top. Aside to your imagery, your BIO is really important. Industry love to see quick information such as; your uni and course, what your specialism is, your 'working title' and where you have previously interned. *PRO TIP* I think it's really HANDY to add what your FMP or final collection is based on.

DON'T Forget...

  1. Business cards; old school but crucial

  2. Current CV; print out to give to industry and leave next to your portfolio. If you need to whip one up quickly, we have CV Templates here

  3. Any physical takeaways; lookbooks, flyers, leaflets, stickers

  4. Phone charger/battery pack; you want to document your time and be active on your professional Insta!

  5. Snacks and water; it's a long day and it's cheaper to bring your own bits

  6. Comfy shoes; lots of walking and standing!

  7. Your smile; cheesy I know, but you've done the hard work! Now you just need to be approachable, enthusiastic and enjoy the day honey!

  8. Your ticket to the FYI Confidence and CV Clinic. Get a ticket here

Good luck!

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