Thinking of going to UNI? Read this first

You may be interning and have decided to stop your placement for a degree or maybe you haven’t interned yet and have no idea what to do. Going to Uni is great. You meet so many people and have the opportunity to study something you actually find interesting, but it’s not for everyone and here’s how to know if it is.

1.  What are you going to get?

Ok, so say you’re already interning, know which area of the industry you want to go into, and have a few great contacts under your belt, but something is telling you to go to Uni. Before taking the plunge, try and think of how Uni will benefit you more than interning. Does your dream job require a degree? Fair enough. Do you just want to party and be a fresher for the next year? Think again. Uni is serious work, especially when you reach final year.

2. Think back to secondary school

Were you the type of the student who liked school? Liked turning up to class and not one to bunk off in the local Starbucks? If you remember liking going to school, learning new things and having structure - then Uni may be the one for you! 

3. Money, money, money

If you’re living and working in London, you already know how pricey things are. And Uni is even more. Sorry to be a fun sponge, but you have to figure out the practicalities before starting your course. How will rent be paid? Would you have time for a part time job? Do you think you’re ready to look after yourself? (Yeah, that means cooking).

Going to university is a great experience and here at FYI, we would never want to stop you doing what you want. We just think it’s important to think of all the little details to ensure you are making the right choice! Ps. Need help? We also offers TOOLS and PRODUCTS to help you young creatives when starting a career. Check out the FYI Shop and FYI Review Clinic.