Welcome to the NEW FYI DIARY! Here's 20% OFF!

Hey honeys!

Welcome to the NEW FYI DIARY. It's essentially our blog, but how boring is the word blog nowadays?!

Seeing as we create so much HELPFUL content for you, such as THE INTERN HANDBOOK and FYI DO'S + DON'TS, I thought I would put it all in one NEAT PLACE for you. When you need a bit of advice, a bit of a confidence boost...then come and pay the FYI DIARY a visit!

For those that are already signed up to The Intern Handbook (mailing list), you will get an email reminder every time a new POST goes up, so you will never miss one! If you aren't signed up make sure are, so you can see the post before anyone else!

To celebrate the FYI Diary, life, Friday...Enjoy 20% OFF on all items in the FYI SHOP with code: FYIDiary

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